At ALL YOU!, we are committed to using our platform to make a positive impact, and we are thrilled to announce our partnership with two incredible organizations: Ketamine Task Force & Healing Our Heroes Florida.

Ketamine Task Force, headed by Capt. Kimberly Juroviesky, a disabled Air Force veteran and Nurse Practitioner is at the forefront of advancing the therapeutic uses of ketamine. Injured on active duty, Kimberly developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and found her life transformed by Ketamine infusions. Motivated by a determination to help others, she founded the Ketamine Task Force, a 501c3 organization focused on advocacy, accessibility, and coverage of ketamine treatments. Through her tireless work, she hopes to break new ground in the realm of psychedelic medicine, ensuring everyone has access to this life-saving therapy. Kimberly is also the author of two books, "Ketamine Infusions: A Patient's Guide" and "Ketamine Journeys: A Journal for Integration of Ketamine Experiences," both available on Amazon.

Healing Our Heroes, Florida, works to support and care for veterans and first responders struggling with mental health issues. This noble foundation provides essential therapy, resources, and support to those who have served our community and country.

Our partnership with Ketamine Task Force and Healing Our Heroes Florida reflects a shared mission to heal, empower, and transform lives. We at ALL YOU! are honored to contribute a portion of our net proceeds to assist both foundations in their invaluable endeavors.

By working together, we can amplify the vital work of these organizations and help create a world where healing and compassion prevail. We invite our customers and community to join us, knowing that every purchase supports a cause that resonates with human kindness and progress.

Join us in making a difference. Together, we can foster hope, recovery, and a brighter future for all.